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The Orange County Register

Jul / 12


The Santa Ana Sun Devils were featured inside “The Orange County Register” and the local newspaper “Santa Ana Register”. Click to read the full article.


Feb / 24

Start Enrolling Now

Thank you for your interest in our 2017 season.  At this time we are collecting a list of parents that are interested.  We will be sending you information about our 2017 online and in-person sign ups as well as free and low cost camps that will be offered. Click for details.


Feb / 20

Stay Connected

The Sun Devils are now on TeamApp. Please download the app for free on App Store or Google Play for the latest information regarding the team. Email us for any questions or comments at sa.sundevil.football@gmail.com or call/text 714-605-2713

Dick's Sporting Goods

Jul / 25

1 Day Devil’s Deal

Dick’s Sporting Goods has teamed up with PCC and Santa Ana Sun Devil’s to offer a promotional coupon for the 2015 season. Get your football gear at a discount. The coupon is valid from July 25, 2015 to July 26, 2015. Click above to get the 1 Day Only Devil’s Deal!